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  • COVID-19 Preparedness

As the nation continues to deal with the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to ensure you that UN1F1ED² Global Packaging Group is doing everything we can to maintain a clean and healthy working facility. Our industry has been deemed essential business due to the fact that we provide packaging for many key life sustaining industries.

As a company, we are built to continually operate through times of turmoil. The features that allow us to do so are our technology, machine and plant redundancy, and a vertically integrated supply chain.

Supply Chain

Our supply chain has complete vertical integration, making us well suited to continue operating uninterrupted during emergency situations. UN1F1ED² Global Packaging Group’s manufacturing locations have steady access to the supplies and resources they need to service our customers.

Machine Redundancy

Each step in our vertically integrated supply chain has backup operations and machine redundancy. All levels of the supply chain have multiple locations to add layers of support in times of need. This redundancy acts as an insurance policy in the case of necessary machine maintenance or a COVID-19 related shutdown. Should the plant that produces a customers packaging need to shut down, one of its sister facilities will quickly step in. We operate our own fleet of trucks, so your packaging never leaves our control from the time the order is placed to the time it is delivered.


UN1F1ED² Global Packaging Group’s heavy investment in technology has allowed our company to smoothly transition to a work from home environment. A large portion of our office personnel have begun working from home to eliminate close person to person contact. The systems we have in place allow us to enter and manage orders remotely. Like many other companies, our sales staff has been prepped to host meetings and web demos through online video conferencing software.

Safety Measures

We are working tirelessly to ensure our customers have continued support and our employees remain safe and healthy during this uncertain time. Our team has taken the following actions to keep our facilities clean and our employees safe.

  • Working with our cleaning company we have enhanced the cleaning and sanitation program to minimize risk
  • We have had detailed communication with all employees, with facility wide meetings, by Senior Management, Quality and Safety, on our plans, procedures and policies regarding the reality of COVID-19.
  • Limitations and restrictions have been placed on travel both inside and outside the United States. This includes guidelines for both business and personal travel.
  • At this time the majority of office employees are working remotely with the ability to operate the plants at 100% with only essential office staff.
  • Restrictions are in place in the event that an employee or the family member of an employee gets sick.

We want to assure you we have built our infrastructure to sustain our ability to continue normal operations and minimize the impact on your supply chain. UN1F1ED² Global Packaging Group appreciates your business and support.