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  • Pregis Inspyre Award

We are proud to announce we have been recognized with a Pregis Inspyre Award for our commitment to giving back and good corporate stewardship. The award celebrates our role in supporting the Uzima Clean Water Mission and providing access to clean and safe drinking water for 2,203 people around the world.

Lack of access to clean safe drinking water:

  • Impacts 1 out of every 9 people.
  • Is the leading cause of death in the world due to waterborne illnesses.
  • Perpetuates cycles of poverty, disempowerment of women, and lack of education.

Good corporate citizenship is important because it helps real people. Pregis donates a portion of each sale from their Inspyre portfolio to the clean water mission. By choosing to use Inspyre products, we supported Uzima in making clean water affordable, measurable and attainable, for communities around the world.

Thank you for helping us uplift so many lives!